Putting Tips to Shrink the Target

There are tons of good tips. I am always looking for good putting tips, but I’m also always searching for leverage. Simply, I’m looking for a single idea or technique that will improve all aspects of the game.

Shrink The Hole

As part of my pre-round putting routine, I must make 10 putts from 1, 2, and 3 feet. However, making those putts doesn’t mean that I’m hitting the ball exactly where I want it to go. The hole is 4-1/4 inches wide. The ball is less than 1-3/4 inches in diameter. With that big a difference, there’s a lot of room for error on short putts, but not so much on longer putts..

There is a way to get more precise. A very useful drill. Take two tees and stick them in the green three to four feet away. Place them at a distance of about 1-1/2 balls apart. The distance will be less than 3 inches instead of the 4-1/4 inches of the hole. Now it’s time to putt the ball through those tees.

You need to be a lot more precise than when just aiming at the hole. Putting Drills of this type will force you to be more accurate and precise and strike the ball toward your selected target or path.

You can use this putting technique to make the target smaller on the course too. If you can see any white in the hole, pick a spot and aim for that, not at the entire hole. In your mind, see the ball hitting that white spot. If you are too far away to see any white, then aiming for the hole will work okay.

Straight Putting Stroke or a Square Putter Head?

If you can’t hit short targets, and you think your stroke is straight and smooth, your putter head is probably not square at impact. For more disccusion on the line and a square putter head, see Putting Tips – The Line and The Square Head.


Being more accurate with your putts will help you make more short putts and start a better line on longer putts. Practice these putting tips to be more accurate.

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Lag Putting Tips

The good news is that you’re on the green. The bad news is your 40 feet away. I would much later be much closer to the hole. But when I must lag, I’ve found the these lag putting tips to work well for my game.

Make the Hole Bigger

The target for lag putting is that little hole. That’s too small a target. You need to be aiming for a much bigger target.

Picture a three foot hole. Go on, see the hole grow to 3 feet in diameter. Now, tell me that hitting a three foot target isn’t easier than hitting a 4-1/4 inch target.

Aim for the bigger target, you’ll relax mentally and physically. In lag putting, the goal is to get close and making the putt is secondary.

Test the Greens

Standing over a 40 foot putt is too late to be thinking about testing the greens a your lag stroke. Check out Pre-Round Putting Drills for more on that. Somehow find a few minutes to test the greens for the day a find your lag stroke before you begin the round.

Watch Your Play Partners

Watch what’s happening with other players, especially if you know they’re decent putters. If they’re lag putts are short or long, take that into consideration.


Lag putting is an importantpart of the golf game. Solid lag putting will lower your score and keep 3 putts away. Watch other putting, test the greens and see a 3 foot hole.

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Putting Drills – Are They Worth It?

Putting drills are not the most fun aspect of golf. It is more fun bombing drives on the range. The single thing putting drills have going for them is that they work and will drop your golf tally.

I’ve found out a couple things about putting well:

1. A putting stroke needs to be constant for me to make putts;

2. If my stroke is constant, and I read the greens accurately, I can make putts.

The big point about putting drills is that they make the putting stroke more constant. Pre-round putting drills can groove your putting stroke. Getting on the first green and then figuring out your stroke for the round is just giving away strokes.

Of course, you will not amazingly change your putting stroke on the practice green prior to the round. You will need to do the labor and that means time on the green to work on getting that constant stroke. It can take one session, or it might take more.

This is always one of the fascinating phenomenon about casual golfers for me. A guy plays a couple of times a month, doesn’t practice and then gets upset when he misses a short putt. What precisely did he think would happen? Golf is not an effortless game and to be excellent at it takes work. That includes putting.

So, are putting drills worth it? My answer is pretty simple- if you want to score lower and you are earnest about your golf game, then not only are drills worth it, they are an absolute must.

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