Putting Drills – Are They Worth It?

Putting drills are not the most fun aspect of golf. It is more fun bombing drives on the range. The single thing putting drills have going for them is that they work and will drop your golf tally.

I’ve found out a couple things about putting well:

1. A putting stroke needs to be constant for me to make putts;

2. If my stroke is constant, and I read the greens accurately, I can make putts.

The big point about putting drills is that they make the putting stroke more constant. Pre-round putting drills can groove your putting stroke. Getting on the first green and then figuring out your stroke for the round is just giving away strokes.

Of course, you will not amazingly change your putting stroke on the practice green prior to the round. You will need to do the labor and that means time on the green to work on getting that constant stroke. It can take one session, or it might take more.

This is always one of the fascinating phenomenon about casual golfers for me. A guy plays a couple of times a month, doesn’t practice and then gets upset when he misses a short putt. What precisely did he think would happen? Golf is not an effortless game and to be excellent at it takes work. That includes putting.

So, are putting drills worth it? My answer is pretty simple- if you want to score lower and you are earnest about your golf game, then not only are drills worth it, they are an absolute must.

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